Did you know that wine producers are allowed to add over 80 ingredients to wines without disclosing those added ingredients to the consumer? 
One of the most commonly added ingredients to wine is sulfites. All wines contain sulfites, but not all wines contain additional sulfites added by the vintner. And while this naturally occurring by-product of the fermentation process from grapes to wine helps to preserve the wine, added sulfites are more likely to cause that miserable side effect: HEADACHES. If you avoid drinking wine because it gives you a headache, here are some tips on shopping for low sulfite wines:

1) Look for the NSA (No Sulfites Added) symbol on Grubb's wine labels. This will ensure that your wine has only naturally occurring sulfites.
2) Look for the ORG (organic) symbol on the wine label. Producers of organic wines are not allowed to add sulfites to their product. 
3) Shop Grubb’s! We’ve labeled all of our wines with health attributes including no sulfites added, organic, and even vegan. As with all of our products, when you shop wines at Grubb’s, you’ll know exactly what to expect.
Cheers! Delicious AND headache-free!