The Jackson Sun: Grubb's Grocery Opens In Two Weeks

Chris Felder calls it "controlled chaos," but in a matter of days the long-awaited Grubb's Grocery will open a natural food store at Jackson Walk.

"It's more beautiful than I expected," Felder, Grubb's owner, said. "It's going to be quite a store with good energy, but let's just say within the next two weeks, we will be ringing groceries."

Felder has been in natural foods retail since 2001, when he helped open The Turnip Truck Store in Nashville.

The store will carry every major and minor grocery category, including general dry grocery; dairy and perishables and cheeses; fresh meat and seafood; frozen foods; bulk herbs, bulk foods, bulk coffee and bulk water; nutritional vitamins and supplements.

There are also health and beauty products; household and general merchandise; fresh, local and organic produce; and natural pet foods and pet products.

"The produce is 100 percent organic produce," Felder said. "I'm not aware of another store in Tennessee that does that."

With ample parking — about 65 spaces — the store's main entrance will be located on the building's south side.

"Parking will not be a problem," Felder said. "Customers will also be able to park on the (Jackson Walk) plaza side … if they can find a parking spot. This just feels good … the vibes, all the positives from everyone I've talked to, and I would not want to be anywhere else."

Felder said the store is budgeted for about 12 full-time and part-time employees for the first year, adjusting as business dictates.

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