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All information submitted in this application remains confidential and property of Grubb’s Grocery, Inc. Because our focus is always on customers in the store, we prefer you not call to check the status of your application. We will not contact your current employer unless you give us permission.

Applicant screening may include a State and Federal criminal records check. Applicants may not be automatically declined should this screening contain negative information; however, we may ask for full disclosure along with possible further discussion and explanation.


Skills & Experience

Please elaborate on any special experience, skills, grocery or natural foods industry-related knowledge or qualifications you think would work well with Grubb’s Grocery.

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Next Recent Employer

In Your Own Words

We are open seven days a week, excluding select holidays, which are always communicated in advance. So that we will know where you may best fit, please list any days and hours are you not available to work. Also include all days and/or hours you think might possibly be a scheduling conflict. Please know that we are a retail business that is open seven days a week and limited availablity may affect your eligibility with Grubb's Grocery.

Authorization & Consent

  • (A “yes” response does not automatically disqualify your application.)
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I authorize Grubb’s Grocery to inquire into my educational, professional and past employment history references as needed to research my qualifications for this position. I hereby give my consent to any former employer to provide employment-related information about me to Grubb’s Grocery and will hold Grubb’s Grocery and my former employer harmless from any claim made on the basis that such information about me was provided or, that any employment decision was made on the basis of such information. I understand that nothing in this employment application, the granting of an interview or my subsequent employment with Grubb’s Grocery, is intended to create an employment contract between myself and Grubb’s Grocery. On the contrary, I understand and agree that if hired, my employment may be terminated by Grubb’s Grocery at any time and for any reason whatsoever.

If employed, I will be required to provide original government-issued documents that verify my identity and right to work in the United States under the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986. The document(s) provided will be used for completion of Form I-9.

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