With a name like “Grubb’s Grocery,” one would think we’re “just” another grocery store. That’s where one would be wrong. Our quality products bring back a time when every grocery store’s offerings were natural and organic...naturally. Because that was the only choice then. Shoppers are much more savvy now than they were back then, so we cater to a full array of today’s concerns when it comes to consumption. That’s why all of products will be clearly labeled with a number of attributes, including those that are free of gluten, those that are locally and regionally sourced, vegan and vegetarian, dairy free, country of origin, among a number of other quality-assurance indicators.

And one thing you can be certain: regardless of what you pick up on our shelves, our foods are free of anything and everything synthetic and artificial. That means no artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, fillers or thickeners. And no trans fats. For those who like details, here is a long list of ingredients that you'll never find at Grubb's Grocery. This is wholesome, nutritious, delicious, “clean” food. Just like it used to be.

Unlike conventional grocery stores, you’ll find  complete array of artisan and ethnic foods - from Italian gelato to just the right ingredients to complete your perfect California roll.

As for our household and cleaning products, you can say goodbye to harsh chemicals and say hello to our environmentally-safe (and just as effective!) alternatives. After all, before the wide availability of synthetic cleaners, that's how people cleaned; naturally and without the use of eco-hazadrous and unhealthy chemicals. People who have been cleaning since before synthetic formulas became widely available (after World War II) know what cleans. And cleans safely.