We one-up the ever popular “beer cave” with Grubb’s Growlers & Brews. Inside, you can immerse yourself in a wide selection of both American and import beers, ciders, ales, and meads. Featuring a growler filling station for your favorite local and premium drafts to go, you’ll also find a daily kombucha draft.

Following our heavy local initiative, we’ll carry a diverse selection of local and regional micro, artisan, and craft brews. We all have our tried & true popular favorites, so you’ll find those as well. And because we’re fans of a great brew and the good food it can enhance, we’ll you’ll find information to complete our favorite pairings with select Grubb’s Gourmet items throughout our store.

Last, when wine is allowed in Tennessee groceries, scheduled for 2016, we’ll round out our adult beverage offerings by bringing you some of the most popular wines as well as those that are naturally produced, organically grown, and sulfite-free.