We at Grubb's Grocery see meat as unlike any other product we sell. After all, it's the only product we sell with a face. Because of that, we are very strigent with our requirements for our meat, seafood and poultry suppliers. You want to be educated about the food that you consume. And so do we. So for all of our animal products, we must know...how was it raised and processed? Was it truly "free range" or "cage free (and what does that even mean?)?" What was it fed, both during growth and in the final weeks and months before processing? Was it given growth hormones or antibiotics? For us, these questions are non-negotiable and we're proud of the high standards we maintain within our Meat, Poultry and Seafood department.

We guarantee the freshests meat, poultry and seafood products you'll find anywhere, and in keeping it in Tennessee, we are very proud of the fact that we will always strive to work with local meat suppliers. "Get to know your farmer" is one of our tenents at Grubb's Grocery and that is certainly no exception with the animal products we offer.