You will not find higher quality produce in any grocery store than what we offer, and it's the first thing you'll see when you come into our store. Whether it's local and regional greens from some of the same farmers you'll find at the West Tennessee Farmer's Market, or the organic citrus from one of our quality produce house suppliers, know that only the healthiest, freshest and most delicious produce around is exactly what you'll find at Grubb's Grocery.

One of the cornerstones of our produce program is "local." We will always feature locally and regionally sourced produce when it's in season and available. This ensures not only the healthiest product available, full of nutritional enzymes that deplete over time; but also the most succulent and delicious you can buy.

Of course, our produce, like all our products, is grown without the application of harsh and long-lasting chemical herbicides and fertilizers. 

Because we'll frequently feature some of the more exotic varieties, we invite you to come. Explore, Sample. And enjoy!